About the author and founder:

Carolyn Wagner is a proud first-generation American, who has lived and worked around the world, and is grateful for having had the chance to make friends abroad, and learn about their beautiful countries, cultures and traditions. She is an Award winning “creative” from both the design and ad worlds, and loves bringing visions to life.

She learned from many years of running her own creative consulting firm just how crucial it is to be authentic, tell the truth, and treat one another with kindness. She has found fulfillment in empowering and mentoring young women and men with this ethos.

She is passionate about kids, and especially empowering young girls. Combining this with her continued cultural learning through studying the wisdom of elders, teachers, and ancient ways, she looks forward to bringing adventurous stories and learning to future generations through storytelling in the New World Girls enterprise.

She is in turn thankful for Evan Pratomo, Alice Wong an amazing illustrator and creative, David Tabatsky an amazing editor and to all her amazing teachers and mentors, and especially to her longtime friend Bonita Winer, with whom she started the New World Girls journey long ago.

Organizations New World Girls supports and contributes to:

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, One Planted Tree, Community Village: Be Love in Action, Wild Bear Nature Center, Caring Neighbors, Salida Del Sol Academy, Clear Creek Elementary, Save the Children.


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