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Introducing Miya, Monica and Elipup two of the New World Girls and their faithful mascot. (Check out our new book to learn about all the other New World Girls and their First Mission: Landing on Earth.)


The New World Girls (NWG) come from a community of diverse planets in a galaxy far away. These five cross-cultural crystal-toting “super girls” and their mystical mascot are sent on a vision quest from a galaxy far away for a never-ending series of earthly adventures.

They will be sent on the greatest adventures of their lives as they take on unique challenges by exploring ancient customs and modern wisdom from tribes and cultures around the globe.

In each story, our heroes work together to make a positive difference for people and our planet.

Each NWG has been transported independently from her home planet in a unique spaceship, accompanied by a crystal and with special powers, and each of them seeks to empower kids. Why kids? Because children are the hope of the future and they can help solve problems with magic, believing, and curiosity — instead of fear.

These characters are created to inspire and empower all young girls. These stories are the beginning of what will be many adventures designed to encourage young girls to follow their individual gifts and abilities. These books are fantasy and folklore grounded in real world situations.

For girls ages 5-11.




Meet Miya, Monica, and Elipup.

Design and creation of characters © Carolyn Wagner Inc. 2006- 2021



She is very tech savvy and into gadgets.

Special Power: She sees messages, geometric information, and hidden communications – in the patterns of things.

Her Mission: To help girls by seeing the patterns, symbols in the world that she sees, and to connect with their intuition. Curiosity is key in helping discover and build new devices.

Device: She uses an Auro-Odometer or Situation-Odometer that looks like a snow globe. This traveling oracle reveals answers to situations through a card that pops up from the globe and gives a message.

Personality: She confused languages and misuses words, but always makes up her own words.



She is a total nature girl, and she loves trees and animals.

Special Power: She shape shifts into a raven and a wolf. She talks with trees and animals, and can travel to other worlds.

Her Mission: To help transform negativity and to help people value the importance of nature and our eco-systems.

Personality: She is eco-conscious and is always looking out to protect the natural world. She is most comfortable out in nature with plants and trees, than with people.



He is the girls’ constant and steadfast companion.

A mystical mascot, comes from fantastical roots. His grandmother was a Matriarchal Elephant, the oldest female elephant, leading and tending the heard from India. 

Special Power: 

He can hide his trunk when necessary. His keen sense of smell enables him to sniff out danger in an instant and his remarkable memory enables him to always find the way back to school.

Mission: Galant and brave, he is never afraid and is always ready for every assignment.






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